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how to fail your life in 3 steps.


10/3/20231 min read

from erlesha

I cannot call myself the master of my life, rather the opposite. my life consists of small events and people who create life around me. if you think your life is not like that, you are strange. In this weekly issue, I would like to tell you how to fail your life in 3 steps.

step 1

The first step towards ruining your life is giving up personal responsibility. This means placing all the blame for your actions and decisions on external circumstances or other people. You become a victim, not the master of your destiny.

Transferring responsibility to others may be a short-term pleasure, but in the long run it robs you of control over yourself and your life. The philosophy of personal responsibility teaches us that we create our own destiny and have the power to change it. Giving up this idea can lead to feelings of powerlessness and helplessness.

step 2

The second step on the path to ruining your life is dependence on bad habits. This could be alcohol, drugs, gambling or other harmful behavioral patterns. You use them as a way to escape reality and deal with deeper emotional issues.

Addiction to bad habits is an attempt to escape pain and fear. However, philosophy teaches us that the path to true happiness and well-being lies in awareness of our emotions, finding a way to overcome them and developing personal power instead of escaping from reality.

step 3

The third step on the path to destroying your life is isolation and alienation from others. You push away loved ones and avoid interpersonal relationships. This can lead to feelings of loneliness and alienation.

An important aspect of human life is interpersonal relationships. Philosophy insists that we exist in society and that interaction with other people enriches our lives. Isolation can lead to the loss of valuable connections and support.

with that said...

So, if you are looking for a way to ruin your life, you can follow these three steps - giving up personal responsibility, becoming addicted to bad habits, and isolating yourself from others. However, philosophical reflection teaches us that true happiness and well-being can be found in the opposite actions: taking responsibility for one's life, overcoming addictions and building long-term interpersonal relationships. The choice is yours, and it affects how you perceive and live your life.